Strong, Unique, Beautiful, Deadly are some of the adjectives commonly used to describe the iconic Gurkha Kukri. The uses of such vast array of adjectives clearly suggest the versatile usage of this majestic knife. What started as a service weapon issued to the legendary Gurkha army, Kukri now has also become an integral part of […]

In today’s modern world that is obsessed with automation, mass production and time saving, you might be surprised to know that the authentic Nepalese Khukris are still hand-made using the exactly similar tools and techniques that has been used for hundreds of years now, in order to maintain the legacy, grace and excellence of the […]

Introduction to History of Kukri Yelling their spine-chilling battle cry “Aayo Gorkhali” – (Here comes the Gurkhas), when the Gurkha troops charged towards the invading British soldiers at the Battle of Naalapani in the year 1814 AD, this was the first time that the majestic yet fierce “Kukri ” was introduced to the western world. […]