KUKRI NEPAL Nepal ‘The Land Of The Gurkha‘, Gurkha king of the kukri. Whenever the word Gurkha is taken the word kukri comes itself to prove their bravery. Gurkha has proved the world about its power with the small curved blade which is called kukri. The kukri has been taken powerful than the bullet. Peoples […]



“The kukri (Nepali = खुकुरी pronounce as khukuri) with an inwardly curved edge, similar to a machete, used as both a tool and as a weapon in Nepal.” Kukri is a single edge blade and the national weapon and symbol of Nepal and the Gurkhas. Kukri is written as Kukri or Kukuri. The Kukri has been famous since […]

Gurkha Kukri


“Gurkha Khukri” – probably the two of the most significant words that accurately depict valor, strength and legacy. The term Gurkha Khukri refers to the battle knife historically carried by the legendary Gurkha Army from the hilly region of Nepal, which in recent years has been even more glorified throughout the world. Where does the […]



Explaining someone what exactly a Kukri(Khukuri, kukri knife) is using analogy of similar items is a very tough task. This is primarily because Kukri is very unique to itself and also for the fact that kukri possess various features from different similar products. Though originally kukri is thought to have evolved from domestic sickles and […]

Khukuri Price In Nepal


Khukuri Price In Nepal: Though value of the legacies, emotions, arts and history associated with the legendary Gurkha Kukri cannot be easily quantified, each Kukri does come with its own price. The price of a Khukuri(kukri) can range anywhere from $10 to over $500. So while exploring through the vast selections of available kukris in […]

Parts of Gurkha Kukri


Gurkha kukri – Uniquely shaped and designed knives that can throw its weight to hack off large wooden logs or at the same time with its razor sharp blade can delicately slice through the skins of a game. Due to the various parts of the kukri that is meticulously hand-crafted (How is kukri made) by […]

Usage of Gurkha Kukri


Strong, Unique, Beautiful, Deadly are some of the adjectives commonly used to describe the iconic Gurkha Kukri. The uses of such vast array of adjectives clearly suggest the versatile usage of this majestic knife. What started as a service weapon issued to the legendary Gurkha army, Kukri now has also become an integral part of […]

How is Gurkha Kukri Made


In today’s modern world that is obsessed with automation, mass production and time saving, you might be surprised to know that the authentic Nepalese Khukris are still hand-made using the exactly similar tools and techniques that has been used for hundreds of years now, in order to maintain the legacy, grace and excellence of the […]

History of Kukri


Introduction to History of Kukri Yelling their spine-chilling battle cry “Aayo Gorkhali” – (Here comes the Gurkhas), when the Gurkha troops charged towards the invading British soldiers at the Battle of Naalapani in the year 1814 AD, this was the first time that the majestic yet fierce “Kukri ” was introduced to the western world. […]

Making of Best Khukuri in Nepal


The art of Khukuri making has been passed down generations to generations. A very talented groups of people known called Bishokarma or Kamis have been making Khukuris for centuries and renowned for making of best khukuri in Nepal. Their excellent craftsmanship has been passed down from their ancestors for a long time. It is one […]