Khukuri Price In Nepal

Khukuri Price In Nepal


Khukuri Price In Nepal: Though value of the legacies, emotions, arts and history associated with the legendary Gurkha Kukri cannot be easily quantified, each Kukri does come with its own price. The price of a Khukuri(kukri) can range anywhere from $10 to over $500. So while exploring through the vast selections of available kukris in the market, there are various factors that needs to be taken into account to know if that particular khukri is worth paying the price as stated.

Below are some of the key factors that determine the price of the Kukri:

  • Materials Used:

One of the most important factors that affect the khukuri price in Nepal is the materials used to make it. Though mostly steel is used to make Khukris, it is the grade of the steel that determines the ultimate strength and durability of the Khukri. In cheaper versions of Kukris – also known as “Tourist Khukri” as they are primarily used as a show piece, aluminum is rather used to make khukris than steel.

material used to kake a kukri

  • Blacksmith:

Authentic Gurkha Khukris are made in the hilly regions of Nepal by a limited number of skilled blacksmiths called Kami (Bishwokarma) who have inherited the prized knowledge of Khukri making from their forefathers over the centuries. So the numbers of highly skilled and experienced blacksmiths who make the Kukris are very limited and thus prices of the Khukuris vary according to the skills of such blacksmiths.


  • Handle and Scabbard:

Not only the Khukri blade, but the materials used in other parts of the Kukri also determine the price of the Kukri itself. Parts such as handles and scabbards are made out of different kind of materials such as wood, leather, animal bones, stones and metals and the khukri prices are set according to the different materials used.


  • Design & Artworks:

Khukri is not only a weapon or a tool but also a masterpiece of art. The majestic beauty that lies in its basic design and the detailed artworks featured on it can drastically change the price of the Kukri itself. Such designs and artworks can appear in the blade, handle or the scabbard that holds the khukri and the quantity and quality of such artworks will determine the price of such Khukris.

  • Size:

Obviously the size of the Khukri has a huge role in determining the Khukri’s price. The sizes of khukri can vary from as small as almost the size of a pocket knife to over 1 meter long khukris. Thus it will be a wise idea to match the size of the Kukri with the size of the pocket you’re willing to empty for it.

       small size kukribig size kukri

  • Purpose / Comfort:

While some Khukris might be used for heavy duty cutting, others might spend their lifetime sitting in a showcase and some might hang on the wall of the living room. Each of the Khukris are made with their specific purpose. How well the Kukri fulfills its actual purpose determines its final price. At the same time – relatively cheaper khukris can be easily identified just by its feel and how well you can maneuver it with your hand and how comfortable the grip and handle feels.


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