The Afghan Kukri is the kukri like any other kukri and can be used for the daily base purposes. It is believed that the kukri was designed for the soldiers serving in Afghanistan especially for those working in the special mission that is why it is called Afghani kukri. But the kukri is the same as the other normal khukuri and can be easy used for doing all kinds of daily activities.

Telling about the overall look of the Afghani kukri. It is a full tang blade kukri knife. The sharpness of the blade is Razor sharp and the handle is protected with the guard to prevent the hand from getting hurt. Basically, the kukri’s blade does not have the proper blood dropper at the blade. However, the sheath can have a variation of the color.

This is a replica of the Kukri being used by the Gurkhas in Afghanistan. The Afghan Kukri has been crafted for the best use in a fight, though the replicas are exact copies of the Kukri.  They are a bit blunt than the actual Kukri used in War, but it’s an exact replica. The Kukri is made in the style of the Angkhola Kukri with an 11-inch semi-polished blade and a handle of 5 inches. The blade is double fuller, or with 2 chira. The blade is made up of Highly graded Carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring 5160). The handle is made up of Rosewood with a comfortable finger grip which is very easy to handle. The Afghan Kukri tang Kukri with the base of the blade protruded out with a hole at the end for safe carrying or as a hook.

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