The Axe which is also called Tomahawk is the style of the kukri. This type of Axe Tomahawk is made with the long handle so that it is easy to use for cutting the harder things. The Axe Tomahawk were mostly used in the country like ours where the sources of fuel used to be only firewood in the past. The Axe Tomahawk is still in practice in the some of the villages of the country. This helps the farmer to cut down the bigger trees and chopping the trees in the small parts. The handle of such a weapon is long so that big trees can be chopped using less force.

If you have the habit of going to the jungle and chopping the trees than Axe  Tomahawk is the best weapon. At past, this used to be in screw blade which means the blade was just in the tip of Axe but now we have modified the Axe. We have tried to make a full tang which is easy and safe to use it. The handle is may be of different types like Water buffalo bone, Water buffalo horn or Indian rosewood. It’s just to give the different look for the Axe. Taking about the blade of axe it is of the same quality which is used in the kukri car suspension is used to make the Axe. That is the best quality of steel.

The process of the Axe is similar to that of the kukri. The steel is made hot in the fire and then it is bitten with the hand. The shape of the axe is drawn and cut it. finally, it is put on the cold water. Then the handle is made and fixed to the blade. This process is done by the hand.

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