The American Eagle Knife is one of the most famous and beautiful Khukuri which derives its name from the American Bald Eagle, the National animal of America. It is a top-selling Khukuri amongst the Americans. This blade originated in a place called Cheetlang, Eastern Nepal.

The blade is made up of high-grade Carbon which is greatly polished. The type of steel used is 5160 Car Spring. The khukuri is a handmade extremely beautiful Eagle Knife made in the Eastern region of Nepal. The handle is made up of buffalo horn, which is glued together into the tang by Laha. It’s a full tang Kukri. The base of the Khukuri is in the shape of the Eagle, hence it gets its name, the American eagle. The Khukuri comes with a Scabbard made up of water buffalo leather which is fused with pinewood.

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