Hunting kukri is that kukri which is specialized for hunting purposes which means the size of the kukri is really short.  Hunting kukri has been in use in Nepal for a very long time. Villagers in various parts of Nepal use Kukris for hunting. A khukuri is a very essential and important part of a household in Nepal. A hunting Khukuri a typical traditional Nepali Khukuri, the blade is high-grade carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring, 5160). The handle can be bone, wood, or horn. The scabbard is of water buffalo leather. The Khukuri comes with two small accessory knives called Karda and Chakmak.

The hunting kukri is of small size with the full tang handle. It is made full tang in order to make the kukri strong. It could be chopped anything with the one short. People prefer carrying kukri rather than Guns in the hunting because knives make the hunting fun and the hunter feels more safier having khukuri than having a gun with them. Looking in the past this type was really used in the past during the era of evaluation of the human being. On that day they don’t have the modern civilized people so, they usually used to stay in the jungle so, for the purpose of food they had to hunt the animals and this type of kukri was more in use.

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