13 inch 5 Fuller khukuri

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13 inch 5 Fuller khukuri:

Probably the mother of all kukri knives 13 inches 5 Chirra kukri is the ultimate version of all the existing Chirrawal kukris. Shree 5 Chirra was made to be added as another exclusive and extraordinary knife to the 13 inches 5 Chirra Kukri (fuller) category, to deliver the ultimate power of strength, speed, security, and satisfaction. The aristocrat name 13 inches 5 Chirra Kukri has been chosen to denote the royal class and stature of this amazing knife. SHREE in Nepalese, to honor the kukri and 5, the royal status, and also to represent the 5 x fullers/layers that the knife embraces.

**This is the 13-inch blade with the 5 chirra at the blade. 5160 carbon steel, Leaf spring of the truck is used to make the Blade, and Rosewood’s strong wood is used for the Handle. The handle is made 6 Inch and it is easy to handle. The sheath is made with refining leather.

**Now Telling about the feeling of this kukri, This kukri feels so good when you take it in your hand, the kukri is the full tang so, it can be used for different activities. The handle has been made taking into consideration the user’s easiness and comfortableness.
Once you use it you definitely want to share it with your friends and family. **


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