5 Inch Chukuri Wood Handle Kukri

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A Chukuri is a unique type of Kukri(khukuri), which differs from othe traditional Kukri in that, it has a sharp cutting edge in lower part as well as the spine. Which can be used deliver a fatal blow . It is one of the famous Kukris. This Kukri is a handmade kukri, the blade of the Kukri is made up of highly graded carbon steel (Car and jeep leaf spring, 5160). It is a full tang khukuri with wood handle with 2 rivets, which is custom made design unique to our shop.The scabbard is made up of Pinewood and water buffalo leather. The length of the blade is 5 inch, which is an unpolished blade. The blade weights about 450 gms with the scabbard .The handle which is made up with pinewood, which are fused together by Laha is about 5inch. The overall length of the chukuri 10 inches. The thickness of the balde is 8mm. The hardness of steel at the spine is 22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC and at the edge=54-55 RC. This Kukri was originated in Dharan.

We highly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate timber oil or wood treatment prior to use to protect and prolong the life of the timber. All of our exquisite Kukri’s are hand-made and as such there will be variations in size, weight, timber colour and other such features which make them unique and distinguishable from machine made imitations. Buyers must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword. Please note that the kukri’s are shipped directly from Nepal.


Additional information


This is handcrafted knife therefore please note that each one might have slight variations in measurement.

Blade Hardness:

Spine: 22-25 RC,Belly: 45-46 RC, Edge: 58-60 RC Blade Thikcness: 3/4" or 1 cm at the thickest part of the spine. (Aprox) .

Blade size & Type:

12 Inches (30.5cm) Hand made, Highly Grade Carbon Steel,unpolished.

Handle size:

5Inches (12.7cm) full tang handle made of Rose wood.

Overall Length:

17 inches ( 43.2 cm) from tip of the blade to pommel of the handle (Aprox).


2.64 lbs (1200 grams) Approx, Blade&Sheath.


Cotton Covered in brown – Leather


Dharan, East Nepal.