6 Inch Jungle Khukuri

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Jungle Khukuri is our new product. The khukuri has the usual design. The blade design is long slightly with the sharp blade, so this khukuri can easily cut the things. This khukuri being a small size can be used in doing the various works as opening food cans, cutting the vegetable, and can also be used for trimming. This knife will be great use if you are fond of going trekking. The size of the khukuri is small so you can easily carry on the pocket and in your bag. The khukuri has a traditional and historical look and plays a great role in the day to day life.

And describing the khukuri the overall length of the khukuri is 25.5 cm with the overall weight about 280 grams. The blade of this Jungle Khukuri is made with the best quality of carbon steel. The length of the blade is 15.2 cm and weighs about 220 grams. The handle is made with the Indian rosewood, the same materials are used for making the inner part of the scabbard. The length of the handle is 10.5 cm. The scabbard is made with the black leather, belt frog, brass scabbard cap. The khukuri looks great in the overall and can be used in doing anything you like as the blade is made sharp.

Gurkha Khukuri is simply a knife which is also called Khukuri. Khukuri is the symbol of the brave Gurkha who fought in Wars having Khukuri in hand. They believed that having a Khukuri is much safer than having a gun. The brave Gurkha fought in World War with Khukuri in hand without fear in the face. Khukuri is used in many official purposes like in the Nepalese Army, British Army, Indian Army, etc. Khukuri has an inwardly curved blade.


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