Hand Forged Tomahawk Axe

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tomahawk: A tomahawk (also referred to as a hawk) is a type of single-handed axe from North America, traditionally resembling a hatchet with a straight shaft. The name came into the English language in the 17th century as an adaptation of the Powhatan (Virginian Algonquian) word. Tomahawks were general-purpose tools used by Native Americans and European colonials alike, and often employed as a hand-to-hand or a thrown weapon. The metal tomahawk heads were originally based on a Royal Navy boarding axe and used as a trade-item with Native Americans for food and other provisions. many of our worldwide customers wish to have a handmade Tomahawk Axe in Nepal so we have released this one to fulfill our worldwide customer demand.

We highly recommend that the wooden parts on all tomahawk are treated with the appropriate timber oil or wood treatment prior to use to protect and prolong the life of the timber. All of our exquisite Kukri’s are hand-made and as such there will be variations in size, weight, timber color and other such features which make them unique and distinguishable from machine-made imitations. Buyers must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword. Please note that the kukris are shipped directly from Nepal.

Additional information

Material Used:

Highly Graded Carbon Steel 5160, water Buffalo Leather for Scabbard(outside) and rosewood for the Handle, Brass, white metal and "Laha" ( Nepali Traditional Glue).

Blade Size and Type:

8 inch (20.32 cm) and Rust free blade.

Handle Size and Type:

16 inch (40.64cm) Full Tang rosewood handle.

Upper Spine:


Lower Spine:


Handle Circumference:

4.2 Inch.

Hardness of steel:

spine= 22-25 RC, belly= 45-46 RC, edge= 58-60 RC.




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