MK-I Khukuri

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MK I Khukuri is the new release on our site. MK I Khukuri is the historical and traditional khukuri that has a huge value. Just look at the picture you will see the different style of the blade. Many people find it the best design of the blade and this khukuri was officially approved designed issued for Gurkhas during the 20th century. MK I was a product from around 1903 till 1915, (In colonial, India). The Gurkha Museum in Winchester calls this kukri the ‘Great War Kukri. This khukuri was among the five that were selected by the models issued to the soldiers of the Colonial Indian Army as well as the Gurkha Regiments.

MK-I Khukuri has a great history it was used during World War I.  It was the first of the Official Standard Issue pattern design Khukuri´s of the 20th century. History reveals this MK1 was first handmade in Nepal by local Kamis. Due to its outstanding performance, this MK1 was in high demand and local Kamis couldn’t produce to meet the uprising demand.

Now describing the overall look of the khukuri, the overall length of the khukuri is 45 cm with a weight of about 900 grams. The blade of the khukuri is made with the best quality of the carbon steel and is about 33.5 cm with 650 grams weight. The handle is made with the rosewood, white metal bolster, and nut with the rat tail tang design. The overall Length of the Handle is about  12 cms. The spine of the khukuri is about 8 mm thickness. The scabbard is made with the brown leather with a military-type belt frog added with the white meta; the cap on the top of the scabbard.


Additional information

Overall Length:

45 cms

Blade Length:

33.5 cms

Handle Length:

12 cms


8 mm thickness


Brown Leather, military-type belt frog.


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