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The ranger khukuri is the new product of our site. The ranger khukuri has beautiful shapes and sizes. The ranger khukuri is made with the best quality of carbon steel. The kukri has the best design in the khukuri and the handle has a perfect style. This is one of the best uses for Jungle. This khukuri has combat covered sheath, and Bhojpuri style (Bas -pate) blade, with comfortable rosewood traditional pattern handle, it is also popular and famous all over due to its style and characteristics in good length, weight, the curve for outdoor fields and home use.

Now telling about the overall length of the ranger khukuri is about 40.5 cm which weights about 820 grams. The blade id=s made with the best quality of the carbon steel is used for making the khukuri blade. The size of the blade is 28 cm with a weight of 550 grams. The length of the handle is 127 cm which made with the Indian rosewood. The thickness of the spine is 8 mm. The scabbard is made with the leather and inside the scabbard, Indian Rosewood is used.

The Wood Handle Knife is a reliable kukri. The scabbard is made from pinewood from the inside and water buffalo leather from the outside. This is Genuine Nepali khukuri. This khukuri is the lightest khukuri from our store. The wood handle and the scabbard gives the historical look to the khukuri. The weight of the khukuri is so less that you feel like having the cotton in the handle. The weight is less doesn’t mean that the quality of the materials used is of less but it rather means that the khukuri has been bitten more time to make the khukuri thin and make the khukuri of less weight.

Additional information

Overall Length:

40.5 cm

Blade Length:

28 cm

Handle Length:

127 cm


8 mm Thick


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