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The Shiveer Khukuri is the new product from our site. The Shiveer Khukuri has a beautiful design in the blade and the knife. The khukuri blade has been designing with the best quality of carbon steel. This khukuri is a Bhojpuri khukuri along with the features if fullers. This khukuri is most popular due to its style and characteristics.  It is used for cutting slicing, splitting firewood, trim limbs for making shelter, it is most likely belong to camping and outdoor survival tour, due to easily pack and used in heavy work.

Now talking about the total overall look of the khukuri. The total length of the blade is 12.5 inch with the total weights od 600 grams. The length of the blade is 8 inch with a weight of 410 grams. The length of the handle is 8 mm and the khukuri comes with the karta and chakmak which has the additional use of this.

Famous Gurkha khukuri Huse highly recommends that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate timber oil or wood treatment prior to use to protect and prolong the life of the timber. All of our exquisite Kukri’s are hand-made and as such there will be variations in size, weight, timber color, and other such features that make them unique and distinguishable from machine-made imitations. Buyers must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword. Please note that the kukri is shipped directly from Nepal.

Every material used in this khukuri is of the best quality. These crafts are made with their hands. The Gurkha Khukuri is taken as the symbol of the bravery shown by the Brave Gurkha at the time of the war. The khukuri has always been the symbol of the Proud for Nepali.

Additional information

Overall Length:

12.5 inch

Blade Length:

8 inch

Handle Length:

4.5 inch


8 mm thick


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