Sirupate Active Khukuri

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Sirupate Active Khukuri is our new product. The name of the khukuri has been named from “Siru” which is the narrow type of the leaf that usually grows in the Himalayan region. The design of this khukuri’s blade is similar to that of the Siru leaf. This khukuri has been used for more than 500 years and has been popular and favorite to most people. The eastern blade is much thinner and known as sirupate khukuri. This khukuri is used for household purposes. Each khukuri ever made has its own history and carries a story that gently speaks out from its blade.

Now Telling about the overall look of the Sirupate Active Khukuri, the overall length of the khukuri is about 21 inch which weights about 900 grams. The blade of the khukuri is made with the best quality of carbon steel. The length of the blade is 15 inches with 620 weights. The handle is made with the light handles of the brass bolster whose length is about 6 inches.  There are two small pieces of the khukuri at the scabbard which are called Karta and Chakmak. The  Karta can be used for slicing and Chakmak is used as sharpening the blade. The scabbard is made up of black leather with the belt frog, brass scabbard cap. Inside the Scabbard Indian Rosewood is used for the inner part.

The Wood Handle Sirupate Knife is a reliable kukri. The scabbard is made from pinewood from the inside and water buffalo leather from the outside. This is Genuine Nepali khukuri. This khukuri is the lightest khukuri from our store. The wood handle and the scabbard gives the historical look to the khukuri. The weight of the khukuri is so less that you feel like having the cotton in the handle. The weight is less doesn’t mean that the quality of the materials used is of less but it rather means that the khukuri has been bitten more time to make the khukuri thin and make the khukuri of less weight.


Additional information

Overall Length:

21 inch

Blade Length:

15 inch

Handle Length:

6 inch


1/4" thick


Black leather


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