Thapa Fighting Khukuri

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Thapa Fighting Khukuri is like the other normal khukuri with a bit of new design and traditional look. The Khukuri is the inwardly curved blade that can be used as a weapon or the tool in our day to day life. Thapa is one of the caste or surname in our Country. So, as the name itself is the Thapa fighting Khukuri that generally means this khukuri is made especially for showing the owner honesty. This khukuri has a special design if you look at the picture you will see that. It adds pride to the owner as it is used for a real function. This khukuri was designed by the MR. Koko Atmadja.

Now describing the overall look of the Khukuri. The khukuri has an overall length of 53 cms which weigh about to 1000 grams. The blade has a thin cut with a beautiful design whose length is 40 cm, it is composed of the best quality of the carbon steel. The knife has the two little knives at the sheath which is also known as the chakmak and karta which has the traditional use. The karta is used for slicing the small parts or for cutting the fruits. And Chakmak is used for sharping and maintaining the blunt part of the edge of the khukuri. The Scabbard is made with the black leather, belt frog, copper scabbard cap. And at the inner part of the scabbard, traditional Indian Rosewood is used. The handle is made with the rosewood and copper bolster.

The Gurkha khukuri is taken as the best khukuri in the world. Once, you used is yourself and loved it you will automatically want to share it with your friends. The khukuri has been made with the best quality of everything. The blade has been made semi-polished so, that no rust can be formed. If you used is once you will automatically share it with your friends and family. The Gurkha Khukuri has always been something that has been recognized by the world during the era of human civilization.

Additional information

Overall Length:

53 cms

Blade Length:

40 cms

Handle Length:

13 cms


1/4 "


Black leather with copper scarbbard cap


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