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The villager woodcutter khukuri 5 Chira kukri is one of the most selling kukris in this time. The Famous Gurkha Khukuri House(FGKH) is located nearby Hotel Radisson & Hotel Tibet. FGKH is dealing with the Genuine Gurkha Knife. We never compromise in the quality we use in the kukri and that is the reason for being the best kukri dealers in the country.

The villager woodcutter khukuri 5 Chira kukri is the super-strong kukri. The villager woodcutter 5 chair kukri has the 5 chira in the blade which means the kukri has been bitten five more times than the other normal kukri. The chira defines the hardness of the blade. The villager woodcutter 5 chira kukri is the hand bitten kukri. The carbon steel used in the kukri is 5160 RC spring. The size of the blade is 11 inches and that of the handle is 5.5 inches. The overall length of the kukri is 16.5 inches. The total weight of the kukri is 1073 grams.

This kukri is used by the villager in cutting down the big trees. The handle of the kukri is made by the Indian rosewood and water buffalo horn. The scabbard is made up of the leather outside and pinewood inside. This kukri is the full tang kukri so it can be used in cutting hard things like bone, big trees. The blade has the blood dropper which will protect the hand for getting slippy. So, the user feels easily well using it.

Additional information

Weight 1.073 kg
Carbon Steel Type:

5160 RC Spring

Blade Type:

11 Inches (27.94cm)/semi-polished

Handle Type:

5.5 Inches (13.97cm)/full tang”wood”

Overall Length:

16.5 inches (41.91cm)

Weight :

1073 gram

Belly :

5 cm


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